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I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me small feeling of glee when those who were shitty ass, using people to me. Get treated the exact same way.

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How has it been almost 2 years and still when he leaves for work I feel bereft like a piece of me is missing…le sigh* I love that man.


This tattoo was clearly meant to be on my body.


This tattoo was clearly meant to be on my body.


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We may have our disagreements but when he sits in a rocking chair and softly sings our baby daughter to sleep whispering how much he loves her and telling her how much he missed her. I know I chose the right man. Xoxo

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Also, everyone is making this huge deal out of the fact that a guy asked me out on a date and I was like, “yeah, sure.”

My Mom had no problem when I came out to her and has known I’m gay for the past five years, but I told her about all of this and she said, “is he nice? is he cute?” She didn’t…

I would just like to note three things 1.) I’m a 100% sure I would have the same reaction as your mom, which of course you know (I hope at least) 2.) I love you no matter what 3.) I miss you a lot.

My psych professor said something this semester that I found incredibly profound, so I thought I would share. ” This is the best way to explain PTSD *unexpectedly drops book,making a loud noise* to those of you who startled a little that’s normal if you had an intense reaction you likely suffer from some form of PTSD. For those who have no idea it is the knowledge that terrible things can happen in a moments notice to the normal person this classroom is safe you have no expectations that something horrible may happen, the person who suffers from PTSD has no such illusions they know horrible things can happen cause it already has, as with most clinical disorders you can cope with this problem but you will never be the person you were before again.. A lot of women who were raped or sexually abused suffer from this, so in part their abusers are murderers because they murdered the person that person would have became had they not did what they did, if our society thought of rapists in that context in my opinion the world may just be a bit safer”

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Asian women should be pissed off at anime unless they are all big breasted sex crazed bitches with the voice of a 5 year old. Then never mind anime is pretty accurate.

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It doesn’t count as an easy 5 minute recipe if to takes me 1 freaking hour to find the crazy ass ingredients in the store!

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Some times I have to tell the crazy alter ego part of me “Calm down crazy bitch I’ve got to be an upstanding member of fucking society now”

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Hmm…maybe you should’ve appreciated what you had, and actually made a effort any relationship is a two way street.Oh wells I’ve moved on

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